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Extra TV Outlets

Do you need another TV outlet installed? Rather than putting up with poor reception from an old ‘rabbit ears’ antenna on the second TV, consider installing another TV outlet. It can usually be connected to your current antenna system.

We use quad-shield RG6 cable for extra TV outlets to ensure crystal clear viewing. For some customers, it’s also an opportune time to re-run existing cabling that needs upgrading.

  • Install additional digital tv outlet on single story dwelling, includes splitter, outlet & quad shield cabling from $79

Do you have multiple outlets throughout your house? Depending on the signal strength at your location, you may need a distribution amplifier. We will check the output at each of your outlets to determine if this is required.

  • Kingray Edge 25dB masthead distribution amplifier (booster) & power injector $49

All 2 story dwelling – free inspection & quote

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Extra TV Outlets


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